Each child/student has

their favorite sport.


And they learn a lot

from what they love!


Nishida's Gymnastics

hope that the experiences  gained through our program will become an important factor of development for our gymnast's life.


We will do our best to make gymnastics meaningful!


Mr. Shin Nishida

-Managing Director-

Nishida's Gymnastics




































































































 -The gymnastics school for more confidence and discipline-



We will transform your child



into a 'Super Child'!





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Suzan came to see us...'Kids Say @ Nishida's Gymnastics!'

(July 2014)




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[Last Update 14th September, 2016]




We teach kids & adults, beginners to future Olympians!!

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We are located on Hope Road, central area in Kingston.

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Looking for fun & educational activity in Montego bay? We are here!!

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We conduct classes in several locations in Mandeville and Maypen.

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